We drive organic downloads to apps using proprietary ASO strategies and influencer marketing campaigns.

What we do

Quality Result

We work with app companies to help deliver organic downloads. To date, we've delivered over 250,000 organic downloads.

Content Marketing

We work with the top content creators to create content that appeals to Gen-Z and Millennial audiences.

Experimental Marketing Campaigns

We explore experimental marketing channels to drive organic users to your app.

The Sapphire Network


Access to over 500 influencers with 250M+ following. Ability to deliver over 10M daily impressions


Access to over 200 Facebook pages with over 250M followers

Experimental Media Campaigns

We experiment with platforms such as Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, Spotify, Snapchat, and others


Access to over 500 influencers with over 500M followers. Leverage instagram stories and caption to drive engagement

Brands trust Sapphire Apps 

In over 250 experimental campaigns, we've delivered over 10M app downloads, 500M+ social media engagement, and ranked 100 lucrative keywords in the top 5 for our clients.


Our Process

Optimize assets for best conversion

This includes content, ASO keywords, A/B testing content through our Sapphire Network, pilot report, and making sure you increase your conversion.

Lock in a CPI and watch your mobile engagement amplify

After our test, we will give you a CPI rate that beats your previous paid media CPI.


Watch your app grow.
Ready to go viral?

Contact us to learn about how content and FOMO marketing can bring more Gen Z and Millennials onto your platform.

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