Keywords matter in the App Store.

Too many apps don't pay attention to this Ranking on targeted keywords leads organic downloads ORGANIC DOWNLOADS = BEST DOWNLOADS (very engaged customers)

1. Open up the app store

2. Look at the main screen "TRENDING SEARCHES"

3. Go through and find new apps that have trending searches

4. If the app is related to your field put its name in your backend keywords (the 100 characters given by Apple for your backend metadata)

5. Update your app with the new metadata

WHY DOES THIS WORK: If any new app is trending in the app store. I'll usually update any of our apps in the same category with the apps given name. Many times the new app is just starting to launch their marketing campaign. Also, since its new, their is no competition for their keywords. This allows your app to ride their coattails with little competition. Through doing this for 100's of apps I've seen an 8%-12% boost in organic downloads by week 2 of the update.