Why you should care about ASO:



METADATA: Picking the best keywords is critical to staying in the top 10 of an app store. Given that you're only allowed 100 characters and a title, it is important that you understand your competition and the most popular search phrases.  With Sapphire Apps, you don't have to worry about this because we employ proprietary technology from within an app store to help pick the correct keywords for you. 

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DESIGN: You have between 3-5 seconds to capture a user's interest as they glance at a list of apps.  Sapphire Apps ensures that we effectively and artistically express your app's intent via your icon.  Additionally, we extensively test various icons and screenshots with thousands of users so you can trust the final design set of your app.

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DEMOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS: In order to understand your target demographics, you need sophisticated software to systematically gather intelligence for you. Sapphire Apps is powered with AppSenz, a proprietary technology that dissects portfolio demographics.  AppSenz has been used to understand specific targets of over 500 apps with 10 million users.