Our Newest Product. The Streamy App.

Our new Streamy App allows you to start a live video stream with your users. Once the stream has been started, all of the users that have downloaded your app will immediately receive a push notification indicating that you're live!

Once the users open the app, they can began chatting with you during your live stream, much like the popular apps, Meerkat & Periscope. What makes this experience unique is the Streamy App will be a completely tailored experience to your brand. We could add other products that you sponsor and monetize by delivering a freemium model to your followers.


The Rise Of Branded Streaming Apps


How Does Streamy Help You?

  1. Streamy allows you to engage with your users like never before. 

  2. Streamy is based on a freemium model to give your users the best experience possible.

  3. Your personally branded app will be free to download.

  4. If users purchase the subscription which is $2.99 a month they will be able to:

  5. Get notified when you're LIVE

  6. Engage in a conversation when you're LIVE.

  7. Non-paying users will get to view your streams for 24 hours but will not have the privileges above.

  8. Our data shows 2-6% of your subscriptions/followers will turn into paying customers.

  9. Therefore, if you have 1 million subscribers you could expect a monthly check from us for about $150,000